Examinations are often stressful for learners. Students have a unique love-hate relationship with examinations. Often a long study schedule becomes fail and may not provide the desired result despite the hard effort. The truth is students need to study smart. They need to learn and evaluate themselves so that they can score well in their examinations.

Sample papers are a great tool that helps you to learn comprehensively for even the most difficult examinations.

 Mock tests and sample papers are what the intelligent students use to get a good score in their examination.  If you are a student of the eighth standard then using sample papers beside your regular CBSE class 8 maths study material can be very beneficial to you. Here are some factors that you need to know

  • You become more aware of the syllabus

If you use the sample papers daily then you will become more aware of the questions from each chapter. This would be helpful because you will get a clear idea about the syllabus. If you know your syllabus then you can easily formulate a study table.

  • You know the question pattern and the question trends

Generally, each subject has a question pattern. Every chapter of the syllabus gets certain allotted marks in the paper. Sample papers are designed as per the original examination. This helps the students to know the question pattern better. With regular practice, they also can easily understand and determine the trends in questions and can identify important and easy questions. These factors help them to prepare well and score good marks in the examination. If you want then you can buy maths model paper for class 8 CBSE  easily from the nearby bookshop or from online.

  • It helps you to identify the strong and weak portions in your syllabus

You need to know what you are learning. If you are the parent then you need to understand the learning progress of your child. Sample papers are a great way to do it. These model papers can help identify the strong p[ortions and a weaker portion of a subject. If a student knows where he or she is weak and needs to improve, then there is a scope for improvement. Any student can formulate a study plan and a worthy strategy to improve in the weaker sections.

  • Helps in revision

Regular using sample papers can help any student to revise clearly. They write the answers and in between the writing, they revise and memorize what they have learned. Revision is one of the main factors for a high score. If your revision regularly, then you will be able to memorize and remember everything and will score well in the real examination.

  • Makes them comfortable with the idea of examining

Sample tests are like real tests. Whenever you use a sample paper, you are giving a mock test. This factor helps you to overcome the examination stress or examination phobia.

Students need to use sample papers seriously and regularly to get a result. They also need to study hard so that they can easily perform well in the real examination.


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