LiftUp Marketing is a creative venture that enables the promotion of brands through lifts or elevator marketing.

Our Working Methodology

Our working methodology is straightforward and viable. We utilize the idea of showing advertisement in the elevators to empower unsettling influence free focused attention of customers for around 20 to 60 seconds to pull in them.

We give advertisement space inside the elevators of a residential complex with a most excellent poster of size 13″X19″. These advertisements are deliberately put to catch the attention of clients, empowering correspondence of the whole ethos of the brand inside a couple of moments. Further, it likewise expands the review and change rate inferable from the hostage condition. The purchaser utilizing a promotion code showed in the advertisement can assess the profits on promotion.

How Can It Work

Expecting to direct people to your business, the core of our working lies in the way that a general individual uses the lift or lift in the residential complex four times each day on a normal. He goes through roughly 30-60 seconds, which are non-distractive, inferable from no portable systems or some other work in the segregated zone.

This makes an ideal vibe for pulling in customers by setting the disposition and requiring that the genuine quintessence of advertisement contacts them, which can undoubtedly be evaluated by the promotion codes utilized by the purchasers while shopping.

Coming up next are the viewpoints that gone under our work domain:

  • Giving space to advertisement inside the lifts of residential territories.
  • Establishment of edges of most important measurement 15″ X 21″.
  • Setting posters of most significant size 13″ X 19″.
  • We are guaranteeing that there is no harm caused to the lift amid the establishment procedure.
  • Keeping up and supplanting the posters as and when required.

It catches the inaccessible group of onlookers and widens the customer base by merely utilizing a negligible 20-25 seconds of focused attention amid the standard 4-5 times an individual uses the lift in the residential complex.

Also, we hold fast to poster size, which is right away engaging and is sure to grab the eye of every last one.

We give the most recent data to the general public individuals keeping them side by side with the market.

We go about as a one-stop arrangement by associating with promoters, introducing the setup, setting up posters, expelling and refreshing them now and again.

Creative methodology for brand loyalty and maintenance.

We are pulling in a new customer base.

We are advancing brand by focusing on challenging to connect the group of onlookers.

Sole supplier of lift advertising companies in Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara, and Noida and the locales of Delhi NCR.


Set up in June 2017, LiftUp Marketing has cut out a specialty for itself in the circle of advertising in residential elevators. The organization professes to be the nation’s first contestant in this field and has cleared another measurement in the realm of advertising.


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