The practice of Ayurveda medicine relates to more than 2000 years back and it is a viable and effective treatment module for a host of diseases. The use of ayurvedic products in India has witnessed an upsurge in the last few years. This refers to a traditional method of healing having its inception in the Indian subcontinent. This works on the module of manipulating and outlining the various nature forces mainly the doshas. They are referred to as Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha. Once you are able to balance all these doshas you achieve harmony with nature and sustain your true spirit.

This being a part of the medical practice, many of the medications and herbs have been scientifically proven. In the days gone by Ayurveda was not effective as it is now today, but practitioners are well equipped with the science along with active ingredients which many of these medicines provide.

With Ayurveda a treatment can be approached in 8 different ways. Once you make a diagnosis treatment can be done in various forms ranging from yoga, massage and consumption of plant based medicines.

As part of the use of all Ayurvedic products, the follow conditions can be treated

Stress along with anxiety

Time and again medication is an important aspect of Ayurveda treatment as it helps to balance your hormone levels cutting down on excess stress and anxiety levels.

Blood pressure

Various herbs along with foods can control the symptoms associated with blood pressure. Honey, garlic, cardamom and gotu gola are the various herbs put to use for massage techniques and mediation. This reduces the impact of stress hormones in turn lowering down blood pressure and provides protection to your heart.

Illness recovery or injury

To rub your skin with a few basic oils is one of the basic practices of Ayurveda as it increases circulation and even reduces inflammation. For oral or tropical use, herbs like ashwagandha or holy basil can be prescribed improving the healing speed and reduces the scope of scars.

Weight loss

Out of the three doshas one of them relates to your metabolism activities that does have an impact on the countless number of variables day in and day out. As far as weight loss in Ayurveda evolves, opt for a combination of Ayurveda diet, stress relief and the use of essential oils can prevent overeating, pep up your metabolism levels and aids in the natural weight loss mechanisms of your body.


The concept of Ayurveda treatments relates to the regulation of metabolism and even bodily processes. Examples are nutrient absorption, digestion with hormones being released. As far as treatment of diabetes is concerned you can stick to holy basil seed, fenugreek that could ensure a major difference.

Hormonal balance

Suma, Maca or avena  Sativa are part of Ayurveda treatments reducing the scope of hormone related issues in your body and balances your thyroid levels.

To sum it up these are the basic benefits of Ayurveda, and the best part it is that there are no side effects.


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