Should you rent a storage unit while moving?

Creating a good moving experience can do wonders for stress management. Good moving experience is characterized by having a good mindset, an inventory checklist, a good reliable moving company, and proper packing. When all of this is in order, you will realize that you are well on your way of having a successful move. However, when you get to the packing process, you may encounter a problem. Too much stuff! How to handle when you have too much stuff that you want to move? Some of this stuff is probably in your basement or your attic. This means that you do not really need it on a daily basis and it can be stored somewhere. Storage is “the putting and keeping of things in a special place for use in the future” according to the Cambridge dictionary. Renting a storage unit can be a good ticket out of this mess. So, in this article, we will talk about whether it is necessary to rent a storage unit when you are moving.

Good storage units can be expensive, so see if it fits your budget

What do you need to know when you want to rent a storage unit?

There are a couple of reasons you should rent a storage unit when moving. We will not discuss them in detail.

You need to make a reservation

This is because there is a big demand for storage units. Also, you will see that moving your things to a storage unit will make the packing process when moving much easier. There will be fewer things you need to worry about and it will give you ample time to realize what you want to do with them. This is also important because there are many types of storage units and some of them get rented as soon as there is a vacancy.

Do you need a climate controlled unit?

This is one of the types of storage units we have mentioned before. A climate controlled storage unit is just what the name suggests. In addition to temperature control, there is also humidity control. See if you have any items that need special conditions so they do not get damaged during storage. The kinds of damage that can happen to your items is warping, developing mold, or fading out when it comes to photos. This is very important when you are, for example moving your office. Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas can offer storage that is secure and climate controlled. Check them out! However, this added benefit of climate control will cost a little bit extra, so make sure you really need it. Maintaining a budget during your move is vital and you do not want something secondary as a storage unit to cost a lot.

Climate controlled units are a much better option for valuables

Check the security of the storage facility

This is crucial when you want to rent a storage facility. You do not want anyone breaking in your storage unit, and if the unfortunate event happens, you need to be able to track down the perpetrator. The most important security elements are individually alarmed units, video surveillance, and gated access. Another element of security is when the facility has the ability to prevent your belongings from being damaged. These include smoke detectors and fire alarms. When you pay attention to these details, you will make sure that your items are safe inside the rented storage unit. Mesquite offers great moving services, contact different local movers in your city so you can find the safest and the most affordable storage units.

Why do you want to rent a storage unit while moving?

Now that we have discussed what is important to know when considering renting a storage unit, we will move on to the reasons why do you want to rent a storage unit.

Food storage should definitely not be the reason to rent a storage unit

You are moving into a smaller apartment

This is most often the reason that people use a storage unit during a move. It is very difficult when you want to downsize your home, and it comes with many challenges. This is when you want to start thinking about how to utilize these items you have already put in storage. You may decide that you want to sell these items. There are many ways of doing so, but the best one is having a garage sale. A garage sale is a very good way of getting rid of some of the things you do not need and even earning some money in the process. Moving into your smaller apartment is cheaper in the long run, and it can also positively affect your budget when you sell all the extra stuff. However, before you move you need to calculate your moving expenses and see the state of your budget.

Not being able to move into your new apartment just yet

This can happen if there is still some work needed to be done in your new apartment. Then you will say “everything is okay, we will just stay in our old house until it is ready”. However, sometimes this is not possible. There are instances of people selling their house before moving into their new one due to financial, or another reason. Renting a storage unit in a case such as this is the best option you can utilize to fill in the time gap. A storage unit is also a great option when you want to stage your home for sale!

Keeping valuables in a safe place

People can feel discomfort when they give some valuable items to their moving company. Even though many reliable companies pay extra attention to these types of items, it is better to be safe than sorry. Renting a storage unit and placing these items inside it is a sure way to keep them safe during your move. As previously stated, some facilities have very good security systems that can keep perpetrators at bay and your valuable belongings safe.

So, should you rent a storage unit while moving?

The answer to this question depends on your decision. We have listed all the reasons why do people rent storage units and what are the advantages. Make sure to see if you are financially ready for such an endeavor, and take a good hard look at all the options available. Spending too much on a storage unit can hinder the progress of your move and make a significant impact on your budget. With all that said, good luck with your storage unit hunt and your move!

Written by Lisa Roberts