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  • Small Business trends for the year 2018

    Small Business trends for the year 20180

    After intensive research and interview with business maestros from various industries, we learnt that   Businesses in 2018 will incline towards the following trends: Digital Marketing Digital marketing is creating a buzz in the business world. It is the process of marketing a business through different mediums of social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and

  • Signs your company needs a sales strategy0

    Everyone wants to increase their sales and why not? An increase in sales means higher profit and that’s why people join the entrepreneur market, right? Having a sales strategy means it’s much easier for salespersons to close deals because they have a plan to follow and are able to maintain brand integrity at the same

  • Instagram may allow you to post videos of up to an hour long0

    Instagram is a great marketing tool to enhance traffic to your vlog/blog many YouTube celebrities owe the credit to their fame to Instagram because you’re able to reach out to so many people,but one constraint that was damaging to these vloggers was the face that Instagram does not allow videos to be longer than a


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  • 5 World Most Famous Currencies And Their Trading

    5 World Most Famous Currencies And Their Trading0

    The foreign exchange market is also known by the name of Forex market and the world biggest and liquid market. Every day millions of dollars are traded between many parties. So, if you are new in the forex market then first learn basic concepts about the usually traded currencies and also what is their use

  • Towergate Tradesman Insurance Discount Codes

    Towergate Tradesman Insurance Discount Codes0

    Towergate Tradesman Insurance – Get a Deal There are many people who are new settlers in the UK. Such families require special assistance for starting up their home and other important basics. Things like finding a home and pulling up things from zero is a big deal for anyone who is new in town. Thus,

  • Is It Still Advisable To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

    Is It Still Advisable To Invest In Cryptocurrency?0

    What is a ‘Blockchain’ A blockchain is a digital, form of recording that decentralizes and publicizes the ledger of bitcoin transactions. It is growing Constantly and rapidly, and when a deal is completed, it forms a “block” the sales form part of a record and are added in chronological order, the purpose of Blockchain is

  • How Small Scale Businesses Can Benefit From Technology

    How Small Scale Businesses Can Benefit From Technology0

    During the initial stages of starting up a small scale business, most business owner’s discover that it is essential for the market to have a bookkeeper and most of the time they tend to take this role upon themselves. Even though this may save you some money, but this approach can get somewhat complicated also

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  • What type of records you really need to keep for your Business

    What type of records you really need to keep for your Business0

    The period of time you should keep a document depends on the action, expense, or event which the document records. Generally, you have to keep records that hold an item of income, deduction or credit shown on your GST tax return until the period of limitations for tax return runs out. If we consult lawyers,

  • How Using A POS App Will Boost Your Small Business?

    How Using A POS App Will Boost Your Small Business?0

    A POS system is an equipment controlled by appropriate software & programmed to track sales and inventory of goods. It facilitates the management of the store up to a great extent. Always keep in mind that the introduction of a POS system requires a significant investment of time and money, making it essential for entrepreneurs

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