Losing weight has become an obsession, every second person you meet want to lose weight. This level of obsession has risen after the increasing number of obesity levels and problems associated with the same. Now people have become more informed about the cons of gaining weight. Losing weight has become much more than a need to look good. People try doing everything they can to shed those extra kilos, from looking at the internet to trusting anything that they hear about weight loss. They easily get convinced with what they hear about losing weight, they feel that they can be part of some miracle that can help them to lose weight as soon as possible without taking much pain.

One of such miracles that people believe is the intake of homoeopathic HCG drops that can help to shed weight effortlessly. There are no scientific reasons that prove that these HCG liquid drops are directly related to weight loss. Moreover, homoeopathy is more of a belief than scientifically proven treatment. There are several myths of HCG liquid drops that people believe blindly in order to lose weight at earliest:

Myth 1: HCG drops help in losing weight permanently

People believe that these HCG drops can help to shed those extra kilos permanently, and after losing weight one cannot gain the weight again. Contrary to what people believe, till now no product has been developed that can help to lose weight permanently. Maintaining weight requires a lot of efforts and continuous long-term strategies. 

Myth 2: Like HCG drops, there are special HCG diet programs as well

There are no universal diet plans for males and females. Diet plans are based on metabolism levels and gender has nothing to do with the same. There is no diet plan that can lead to faster weight loss.

Myth 3: General HCG and homoeopathic HCG are similar

Contrary to what people believe, homoeopathic HCG is highly diluted and doesn’t contain any powerful hormone that can help to lose weight faster. Also, prescription HCG is entirely different and is really very strong. People believing the myth must refrain doing the same as both can’t be used interchangeably. One cannot get pure HCG without a doctor’s prescription. In fact, those selling the same without doctor’s prescription are doing it illegally and are liable to be convicted in the court of law. If these drops are taken without a doctor’s recommendation, they can pose some serious threat to the human body. In the madness of losing weight people must not fall under any trap and must refrain themselves from using anything and everything, they come across in lieu of losing weight.

Like HCG drops, there are several other medicines available for weight loss, but it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking any of these as these medicines can create serious health issues in the long run.

Written by krishma