How To Stay Fit During The Dubai Summer

Two runners running in the evening because they know how to stay fit during the Dubai summer.

Summer in Dubai is hot – very hot. Therefore, it is difficult to manage most of the daily activities, especially exercising. If you are not careful, exercising in the heat can be very dangerous and harmful to your health. Furthermore, people often lack the motivation to stay active during the summer months and also don’t have a lot of inspiration when it comes to the ways of indoor exercises. This leads to weight gain, inactiveness, and health issues. That’s why we present the best ways to stay fit during the Dubai summer safely and pleasantly.

Dubai marina crowded place.
Dubai is an amazing place to live – but sometimes it’s way too hot.

Change your daily routine

Yes, you may enjoy a good exercise session during the afternoon, but if you want to stay fit during the Dubai summer you need to pick a better timing. That’s why going for an early morning jog is the best idea. Early hours – before 8 AM are great for outdoor activities because the streets and pools are not crowded, and most importantly – it’s not that hot. Furthermore, updating your morning routine can be very beneficial – it can help you be more productive and use the most out of your day.

A man trying to stay fit during the Dubai summer.
It’s possible to have an outdoor fitness session and stay fit during the Dubai summer – just be sure to do it early in the morning.

Workout at home

Your home is probably a place where you feel most relaxed and cool. That’s why it can be the place where you can stay fit during the Dubai summer. Be sure to learn how to pick a good AC for your room and make a corner of your bedroom or living room a place for your workout. You will probably need a mat, some basic gym equipment and you’re done. If you need some help, there are many fitness apps that can provide you with fitness plans. Use them if you don’t have experience or inspiration about the exercises you can do every day.

Join a gym

Most of the gyms have good air-conditioning and offer good conditions for the people who work out. This makes exercising possible even on the hottest days. Furthermore, if you choose a personal trainer that suits your needs and schedules, you can have an amazing fit experience even during summer. Browse some of the best personal trainers on– the best place to pick someone to help you out with your fitness routine. Also, don’t forget to have good –quality workout clothes and equipment. Here are some tips to remember while choosing your boxing equipment.

Fitness equipment necessary to stay fit during the Dubai summer.
You can exercise inside and stay fit during the Dubai summer – but be sure to have the right equipment.

Other indoor places to stay fit during the Dubai summer

It’s okay if you don’t like the gym. Many people like more active or team sports, and often lack the opportunity to play them in hot weather. However, Dubai has made some adjustments and made some of the ‘outdoor’ sports ready to be played inside, too – even in very hot weather. Here’s what you can try:

  • skiing – you can try this amazing winter sport at Ski Dubai and enjoy some true winter fun.
  • football–it’s easy to play football in Dubai, even in summer. There are many air-conditioned pitches that offer amazing conditions and organize special events for kids, too.
  • jumping – who said you need to be in a park to jump on a trampoline. In Dubai, you can try indoor trampoline parks, and have fun while burning calories.


Dubai has some of the most amazing shopping malls. They can be useful in so many other levels, rather than shopping for expensive items. If you arrive there early enough, you can get to the mall before all the other shoppers, have a healthy breakfast and take a walk. Going window-shopping can be a great exercise. People are not really aware of how many steps they make walking around the shops in a mall. So, use this interesting route to make some steps and actually stay fit during the Dubai summer.

Take care of your health in the heat and other tips to stay fit during the Dubai summer

When in Dubai, you should do everything to avoid the heat. Also, it is important to understand how your body works and what are some signs of the heat problems you need to recognize. Here are some main tips on how to deal with the heat and recognize some heat-health issues on time.

  • It’s very important to avoid the hottest time of the day – between 12 pm and 4 pm. In Dubai, it’s also banned to work in this period of the day during the summer, so be sure to plan your activities indoor.
  • choose the appropriate way to exercise – don’t do more than you can. Choose the appropriate way of exercise that will be pleasant and enjoyable to your body and mind. For example, if you’re expecting a baby – practicing yoga to stay fit during the pregnancy is the way to go.
  • watch your diet – it’s important to keep your diet healthy and simple so you can stay fit during the Dubai summer. It’s best to have smaller meals, more often than usual, so your body can digest it efficiently and without problems.
  • choose the right clothes – be sure to pick the right daily and exercise clothes for the hot Dubai days. Exercise clothes should be breathable and cooling.
  • avoid heat cramps – Heat cramps can happen during your exercises. They manifest through sudden muscle pain, especially in arms and legs. Be sure to stop the exercise and go rest and cool down.
  • recognize the heatstroke – heatstroke can happen when the body temperature is too high. It is followed by headaches, nausea, hallucinations and it’s very, very dangerous. The thing to do – find a way to cool down quickly. One trick is to put ice packs under your arms.
  • hydrate – one of the most important things to do while exercising in the hot weather (and other times, too) is to drink a lot of water. Hydration will help your body cool down and avoid all the heat issues.  Keep a bottle of water always with you wherever you go in Dubai.
Written by Lisa Roberts