How to ensure your kids’ safety during a relocation?

four boys sitting in four different boxes.

If you are planning a relocation, you know what a complex task it is to plan and execute. Moving with kids makes it even more complex. The biggest problem with your kids when moving is to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. The priority is to provide your kids’ safety during a relocation. Other than that, it is important to help them deal with the stress and fear of moving. That is always easier said than done but it is possible in many different ways. Ideally, you should have a babysitter on moving day to keep the kids away and occupied. But if that isn’t the case, you should know how to handle them and keep them safe.

Why should you take extra care?

Moving days can be hectic and chaotic. The house is full of movers and people are constantly running around. There is last minute packing, carrying of furniture, appliances and heavy boxes. In all the commotion it is easy to lose track of children and not be careful. They can get hurt from falling boxes or other stuff. They can simply be run over in all of the commotions. It is not uncommon for box cutters, packing tapes or other dangerous items to become accessible to them. Dangerous chemicals or other household items like knives can get misplaced and get into your children’s hands.

A family of four walking.
Ensuring your kids’ safety during a relocation is the top priority.

Luckily there are lists of tips and advice to help you go through the process safely and more or less stress-free. Be sure to do your own research on tips and guides and research and similar sources for relevant information. So how can you manage it and what to do?

Take care of dangerous items

First of all, you should keep dangerous items away. On a moving day people get rushed, they panic and get confused. In such conditions, some dangerous items can become misplaced and in reach of the children. Knives, dangerous tools, and household chemicals can be very dangerous so make sure you keep them safe and sorted from the beginning. In the case of chemicals, try to completely remove them before the move.

Set rules

Make your kids aware of what is going on and that they should get out of the way. Define what they should and shouldn’t do. Even the slightest miss-step can be dangerous so make sure the kids understand that. Get the bigger children to help with the little ones to prevent accidents. Give them more freedom and room to perform that task and they will help prevent accidents, etc.

A little boy crying inside a cardboard box as something you shouldn't allow if you want to ensure your kids' safety during a relocation.
Create a safe place for children while the moving chaos is in progress.

Designate a safe place

It is good to find a safe place for children to play in and out of the way. Ideally, the kids could spend time playing in the yard while the movers do their job. If that is not possible then get a room or area child proofed or designate a room upstairs for the kids to play in. You can also keep them occupied with additional stuff:

  • prepare a moving day kit (favorite books, toys, stickers, etc.)
  • give them their favorite toys.
  • give them books, cards, games
  • Download online games etc.

Involve the kids

To keep an eye on the kids you can always keep them busy packing. Allow them to help pack the wardrobe or toys from their bedrooms. They will feel that they are a part of the effort and that they are contributing and they will stay out of trouble. This will work on bigger kids and it will help them develop a sense of responsibility.

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A little boy in a cardboard box.
Involve the kids in the moving preparations.

So, ensuring your kids’ safety during a relocation and on a moving day is not that hard. Keep them busy and out of harm’s way and you will be fine. As you make a plan and prepare for the move in advance, also try to plan how to keep the kids occupied in advance. This will help you a lot and elevate a lot of stress during the move.

Written by Lisa Roberts