• Signs your company needs a sales strategy0

    Everyone wants to increase their sales and why not? An increase in sales means higher profit and that’s why people join the entrepreneur market, right? Having a sales strategy means it’s much easier for salespersons to close deals because they have a plan to follow and are able to maintain brand integrity at the same

  • Instagram may allow you to post videos of up to an hour long0

    Instagram is a great marketing tool to enhance traffic to your vlog/blog many YouTube celebrities owe the credit to their fame to Instagram because you’re able to reach out to so many people,but one constraint that was damaging to these vloggers was the face that Instagram does not allow videos to be longer than a

  • Determining the Best time to Intrude a New Market & Expand0

    Most business owners enter the business market with one aim in mind and that is; to grow. How many business owners have you come across that do not willfully wish to expand their business or expand into new horizons? Growth of your service or product can be achieved in many ways, this includes: entering into,


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