• 8.2The BlackBerry Key2 set to Make a Comeback

    The BlackBerry Key2 set to Make a Comeback0

    Remember the BlackBerry which I as once the most popular phone on the mobile market, in late 2000 when it was newly launched only the coolest people on the block had a BlackBerry phone it was a favourite amongst particularly the corporate sector because you had access to your emails like text messages, now this

  • 8.3Todo.ly is The Best Application to Put Hands on If One Wants to Organize

    Todo.ly is The Best Application to Put Hands on If One Wants to Organize0

    It is true that the internet has taken over the world and has brought massive solutions to problems faced by the users. Just one problem and there are a number of applications launched by different companies providing immense features. One thing which everybody wants to solve and faces difficulty to handle in is managing data

  • Review of Tagpacker

    Review of Tagpacker0

    There are a lot of problems that people face when it comes to managing web-links and personalized stuff on the internet. Things like playlists and other stuff, to which a person needs to access every now and then, can be easily managed through the use of ‘tag-packer’. It is one of the best ways to