Every year, the Design Team of glazed roof tiles manufacturers, ventures to the far corners of the planet looking for the most recent inside patterns. This educates the innovative for glazed roof tiles and enables us to keep our clients on the up and up with what’s hot.

Nature roused

The replication of common materials stays a pervasive subject. This is, to some degree, because of innovation taking into consideration the formation of consistent options in contrast to any semblance of wood, stone, and marble.

Carrara is particularly evident, in a customary shading palette of dark and white, and at times given a lavish lift through gold vein specifying.

Wood-impact surfaces extend from gleaming completions to bothered and endured tasteful, with board developments the most on-pattern decision.

In any case, terrazzo is as yet driving the way, utilized for deck arrangements, surfaces, and frill. Integrating with the active topic that is crossed a considerable lot of the shows up until now, various hues and variable scales are utilized in both business and private plan to include a component of fun, without straying too far.

Finished surfaces

Surface keeps on being an essential component in lifting surfaces from pared back to locks in.

Tiles including natural designing can profit by a blend of matt and gleam completes (seen in Milan, Cevisama, and Cersaie), and snap or raku impacts are utilized to accomplish a profundity of physicality, ensured to upgrade any plan.

The structure likewise assumes a vital job in the pattern, through help or decorating. Enlivened by compositional structures and geometrics, a feeling of development can be evoked. Ribbed and bent surfaces are additionally on the ascent, with matt completes the process of outperforming shine, and examples running from little to an enormous scale.


Beholding back to the 1970s, the design is back – this time with a contemporary curve. The prominence of geometrics does not indicate backing off, with triangles, hexagons, jewels and herringbone impacts all spotted now and again at the shows.

Taking on a slight Mediterranean vibe, interwoven is ending up progressively mainstream for tiles. The stylish can be dialed up or down contingent upon the ideal result through choosing either a quieted shading palette, bolder shades, or even metallics.

Increasingly unordinary shapes are sneaking in, roused essentially. Scalloped fish scales, tears, and roundabout tiles are helping fashioners to own the correct sort of expression.


Going above and beyond is maximalism, where more will be more. The shading plans are active, the examples are more prominent, and the surfaces are conflicting.

Oranges, yellows, reds and greenish blues typify the vivacious idea of the pattern, taking into account a perky pop that immediately lifts a space.

Flower examples have made a stride back this year, with foliage ruling the showrooms in Milan. Seen on an enormous scale and with mind-boggling itemizing, tropical plants were delineated in durable prints for unparalleled style.


Compared with this, the health pattern integrates with the business-wide center around prosperity. Working environment fashioners particularly endeavor to make quieting ‘zen’- like airs that reestablish physical and passionate wellbeing.


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