From artificial intelligence and technologies that transform all business activities, through social media and influencers playing a greater role as the conveyor belt for brand messages, Maiden Stride unveils its predictions for digital marketing trends for SMBs. Did you  know according to experts, 50% of searches will be voice by 2020. This new communication channel is seen as a faster way than going to a website or application for 43% of users. Brands must now take into account this new technology increasingly developed and review their SEO strategy. Also video has become an indispensable format for brands. 79% of consumers prefer video as a way to discover a product and 84% make a purchase after viewing a branded video.

Today, 70% of millennial are influenced by the recommendations they receive on the products they want to buy. If influencers are a marketing trend that dates back a few years, the novelty is the type of influencers. Discover the emerging trends from below infographic, that are very important and useful for every business owner.


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