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We are NoBrain, tech enthusiasts, some even call us “tech geeks”. We are your go to place for any information regarding the latest technology trends, Startups, Apps and Gadgets. Want to know whether the latest gadget is worth buying or not? Want to find out which is the best drone in town? You have come to the right place.

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    Instant Exposure

    If you manage to produce a top quality post, expect potential traffic to start flowing towards you as it goes live.

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    The more links you acquire from relevant and reputable sites, the greater your chances to appear in the top ten search engine list.

  • How your Credibility can Influence

    Online Authority

    Authoritative content make people see you among the top bloggers in your niche & you get the same kind of attention.

    Growing Personal Network

    Gone are the days when it was difficult to connect with influencers, your guest blogs can serve the purpose well.

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    Social Media Shares

    Once your branded content is out social media shares eventually cater to expanded social media reach.

    Insightful Feedback

    As an active guest blogger in the community, get to know everything that contributors have to say about your content.

  • Spread the Word Out


    Increase your audience’s familiarity with your brand through content it will eventually turn into shorter sales cycle.

    Spread Awareness

    Leverage the opportunity and let your audience know what you do and why they need you.

Press Office News

  • is The Best Application to Put Hands on If One Wants to Organize

    It is true that the internet has taken over the world and has brought massive solutions to problems faced by the users. Just one problem and there are a number of applications launched by different companies providing immense features. One thing which everybody wants to solve and faces difficulty to handle in is managing data

  • Review of Tagpacker
    Review of Tagpacker

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  • Why G&A 2018? The 4 Things You Must Know
    Why G&A 2018? The 4 Things You Must Know

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If you think out of the box, are creative and have a passion for technology, Become a contributor at Nobrain! You can write about: your experience with a certain gadget, how digital marketing changed your business or why companies need salesforce.

Although, we have a team of experts, that are impeccable at what they do, sometimes they run out of ideas or they’re so occupied trying great products for you they forget to see what the latest trends are. This is where you come in. We created this platform to allow you to share with our audience the latest trends and updates, analyze what’s hot and what’s not in the world of technology.

Nobrain want to develop a community of individuals from different walks of life, so they can share their inspirations, preferences and experience in order to provide us insight of our audience; their likes and dislikes. However, we can only allow exceptionally good articles to make it on to our website.

What are we looking for?

Make sure your write up is: Creative and Relatable to our website.

Stand Out

You need to get readers hooked from the first few lines of your article, so make sure they stand out and grab the reader’s attention immediately.

Be Creative

We get hundreds of articles sent to us each week, make yours unique and creative so it is distinctive from the rest. We don’t want to publish 100s of articles on the same subject do we? Because who would want to read that.

Don’t Overdo It

Make the reader feel that this is a conversation between you and them rather than a boring article with lots of information being thrown at them.

Be positive

People like to read happy endings and articles with a positive vibe. So, please make them Up-beat rather than depressing. No one visits a tech blog to read about the dangers of technology.


We require high quality, authentic and credible articles. We believe in providing our readers with information that is true, well researched and not plagiarized. Articles that are copied or information that is not backed up by credible sources would not meet our standards.


The purpose of the “write for us” section is to provide our readers with information regarding the latest technological trends and tech related information such as gadget reviews, etc. We want to provide our audience with information that is valuable and beneficial to them.


Be engaging and fun. This is a tech blog, which can often become boring because of the extensive information that can be included, we need lots of information but presented in unique ways. So make your blog fun and creative, have a conversation with the reader rather than just throwing information that their brain is unable to register. Keep in mind the type of website you are writing for and the audience that we have.

Word Count

A decent article should consist of 500-1000 words. Anything under 300 words is lacking informative content and anything beyond 1000 words is too long to grab reader’s attention. However, we do understand that different types of articles have different word count requirements, e.g. a 450 word blog is decent whilst a 450 word informative article is too short. So we can be flexible on word count as long as it meets the standard requirements of the type of write up.

Use Sources

You are presenting arguments, back them with credible sources, we do not want to publish information that is misleading or absurd. Quote your references using hyperlinks or insert name of author, date of publication that you are using as a source. This also helps you escape plagiarism

Be professional

Use proper headings and subheadings, follow a format and submit the article through Microsoft Word. If you want to become a blogger it is important that you are professional because otherwise you won’t be getting too far. A little extra effort goes a long way.


You know what makes us cringe? Bad grammar. So please, please, I cannot elaborate enough on this point enough, proof read your article and check for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or incorrect sentence structure. If you want to become a blogger this is the first commandment of a bloggers bible. READ BEFORE SUBMISSION!

What We Don’t Need

We don’t require letters, amateur writers,sales pitches, promotions, plagiarized content that has been published elsewhere, content that is irrelevant to Nobrain, explicit content, we don’t want press releases and content that does not comply with the above mentioned guidelines.

There are numerous softwares available over the internet that allow us to check whether a writing is plagiarized so if you copy someone else’s work. We will know and that too immediately. Please do not send us someone else’s work not only is this unethical it is also an infringement of property rights.

On a daily basis, we receive countless submissions and it is impossible for us to respond to each one of them, if your submission does not receive a response with us this implies that it has not been selected to be published, however, if we like your article we will drop you a timely reply informing you that the article would be up soon.

What kind of articles do we require?

We want articles that meet our word count of 500-1000 words. We want fun, creative and attention grabbing write ups. As we are a techblog, we enjoy articles that are casual in tone, well structured and edited. We like to read tutorial blogs, do and not do, tips and tricks. We want you to explore cutting edge topics that are relevant to our website.

How to Submit Your Article?

We hope you understand our guidelines mentioned above and are ready to send us some well written, sassy write ups that elaborate your personality and are entertaining and beneficial to our audience.

Please email your documents to us preferably via Google documents so we can edit the work if necessary and provide quick feedback if we enjoy your article, by using Google documents this makes the process quick and easy for us as we can make the necessary changes on the draft and they would automatically be shared with you. Moreover, you may also send us HTML documents but we cannot accept ZIP files.

So once you have sent the file, here’s what happens next: your submission would be thoroughly reviewed by an expert editor, who will determine whether or not your submission is good enough to be published on our website. If the editor is pleased with your submission there would be a meeting held once a week. Where your article would be under discussion with the other team members, who will decide If the article is good enough to be published or not.

The role of the editor is to collect the feedback put forward during the meeting and share this with you, to let you know that your article is under consideration and we are pleased with what you have written. It is very rare for an article to be published before having been put through these step by step procedures.

You are then requested to revise your document under the feedback we have provided and send it back to us so we can have another look to determine whether it has met our guidelines and standards.

If your article is accepted and we have decided that it will be published, our expert editor will work with you in ensuring the article is perfect and has no flaws at all. This means that he/she will work with you in order to that the article meets uniformity in terms of style of writing and tone.

We will then provide you with a specific schedule as to when we believe your article would go up on to our website, we will not be able to provide specific dates but can definitely come up with a tentative date.

We’re Waiting

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and send us some fun, entertaining write ups. We’re looking forward to some fun, funky , sassy gift stories that will inspire our audience to follow your footsteps. So whether you gave your grandmother a watermelon basket packed with fruits or whether you found an easy way to wrap gifts, share your ideas and stories with us.

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