A2P is a process in which messages are sent in bulk from an Application to a Person (mobile phone user). Many businesses, brands, enterprises use this system to send regular promotional and informational messages (SMS) to customers and other audience. This is done using SMS API integration that helps integrate the database of a company with the SMS sending services.

MSG91 was founded with the vision to leverage the power of the strongest medium of communication, i.e.; SMS. A bootstrapped company, we aim to change the way enterprises look at customer communication. With famous clients such as Policy Bazar, Sankalp India Foundation, Bank of India, Axis Bank, Mahendra, and many more we are one of the best A2P messaging service providers in the country.

A2P messaging includes a two-factor authentication system, automatic confirmations, marketing notifications, automated updates, and alerts, etc. This makes it easier for enterprises to update their customers at all times and also expand their customer base by widening their reach among the audience.

The following are the features we provide for the a2p SMS services.

  • Powerful Infrastructure
    • The API integration process is simple, easy, and takes very less time.
    • HTTP or JSON/XML API enables the integration with SMS, Voice and Emails.
    • Be it 10 messages or 10 million, send them all at once without any hassle.
  • Analytics and Tracking
    • A record is maintained and the logs can be searched to see how many messages sent have been received by the customers.
    • The tags make reporting easier and enterprises will know what is happening at all times via our efficient panel and webhooks.
  • Validation and Security Checks
    • Once a mobile number is verified, it is open for anything.
    • Choose any sender ID, number, and content.
    • Double verification is not required.
  • Easy to Use Phonebook
    • Save every contact with custom fields in different groups using our phonebook API.
    • Send messages to all of them using our UI (User Interface) or export the data for other uses.
  • Data Security and Privacy
    • With end to end encryption, we ensure full safety of the data that is transmitted through our API.
    • We are an ISO 27001 certified company. Clients can be assured of the quality and standard of our services.
  • Plugins and Add-ons
    • We offer many plugins and additional add-ons which enable to send messages with a single click.
    • Clients can decide the type of services they wish to avail and opt accordingly.

As one the leading A2P messaging service providers we are available round the clock to support, help, and assist our clients. MSG91 provides secure, robust, and easy APIs to send messages and track them instantly. Trusted by more than 5000 brands, we are known for our dedicated services.

We deliver more than 1 billion messages every month to numerous customers. Use our services to expand your reach in the market.

Visit our website to know more: https://msg91.com/


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